Dental treatments Romania

Dental Implant
A dental implant is a titanium or zirconium device, most often in the form of a screw that serves as a replacement for the missing root of a natural tooth. The placement of the dental implant by a simple surgery (compared to an extraction aggression) is made either after the extraction site is healed or immediately after the extraction. Then the implant is attached to a piece of metal called an abutment above which the dentist can place crowns, bridges or dentures that will replace the missing tooth or teeth.
Prosthetic Restoration
Prosthetic restoration, through dental implants, supports the rehabilitation of some patients. In our office performs various types of prosthetic devices, including:
• Fixed ceramic crowns of high quality, non-noble or noble (Au or AuPt ) metal-supported
• Fixed prosthodontics on dental implants
• Mobile dentures with special systems
• Dentures
Surgical Treatments
Dentoalveolar surgery, performed under loco-regional anesthesia, is a common technique used in the dental office to resolve complicated dental problems. Examples are:
• Extraction of teeth
• Apicoectomy
• Periapical curettage
• Bone augmentation
• Accruals crest bone
• Frenectomy
• Premolarization
• Dental implant